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"New York progressive metal outfit Dead Empires had long mastered the art of frantic, sludge-drenched instrumental music but on third full-length Designed to Disappear, the band upped the ante with the addition of vocalist Jason Sherman. The end result is an album that is just as exhilarating as their previous output, the vocals adding another dimension of intensity. "
- Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine [more]

"Simultaneously the breadth of the compositions is a significant step above what the band has done in the past - It's been three years since their last full length - but it's clear the time was put to good use. The growth this band has seen on every front is insane and only serves to grow my fascination."
- Matt Bacon, Two Guys Metal Reviews [more]

"It’s a stadium-worthy moment for a sound more commonly heard in basements. The same dichotomy presents itself in how the song moves from a sound indebted to skronky Northeast hardcore to a climax that shares melodic DNA with an Arianna Grande hit. Dead Empires are ready for the big time, and they’re going to bring the noise with them."
- Ian Cory, Invisible Oranges [more]

"It’s angular and unpredictable, starting as a feedback loop punctuated by sniper shots of guitar screeches and exploding drums, morphing into a chugging locomotive of vitriol, then transforming into a soaring, cinematic, Mastodonian riff, and, after a brief interlude from an angelic chorus, finally settling on some mathcore-style chaos. This isn’t just schizophrenia for schizophrenia’s sake, though; impressively, each section of the song is better than the last."
- Axl Rosenberg, [more]

"8/10’s the sound of a band using new elements to expand its scope and breadth. The capacities of the “old band” still exist, it’s just that they’ve been put into a position where the result has been refined and the song writing has a new and expansive lease on life. This, from a band that was already quite comfortable pushing the goalposts of normalcy back to begin with."
- Kevin Stewart Panko, PureGrainAudio [More]

"The vocals thats now wind through their songs feel fully authentic to their sound as a band. It’s really quite a feat to make such a big leap and yet remain instantly recognizable. The formidable Dead Empires have outdone themselves in every aspect with the compositions and the visceral experience of ‘Designed to Disappear’. Heavy, Lush, Aggressive, Dynamic, Beautiful, Chaotic and Transcendent."
- Holly Berchielli & Joe Gagliardi III, Outsider Magazine [More]

"A wild, proggy joyride into the heart of The Dillinger Escape Plan worship, Designed to Disappear is also so much more, shredding through one major/modal/mixed-up riff after the next. ...this one is a quantum leap forward for one of the scene’s vets. Whatever you do, DO NOT sleep on this one."
- Coleman Bentley, FreeWilliamsburg [More]

"if you’re a fan of progressive metal, and especially extreme progressive metal, that isn’t afraid to take the chances, this is the album for you.
- Eden Kupermintz, Heavy Blog Is Heavy [More]

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