giblets of fire weekend tour with moon tooth and valence

This week we’ll be on the road with our riffbros Moon Tooth and Valence for a string of shows featuring a bunch of other rad bands- including a special stop on Friday the 13th at our favorite satanic brooklyn go-go bar, Lucky 13 Saloon. These are gonna be special ones.Unfortunately the plattsburgh show was cancelled- and we only have a few shows left before the end of the year, so let’s make em count!

Giblets of Fire tour RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/899427273473491/

– 11/12 @ Seaside Tavern (Stamford, CT) w/ Physics of Demise
– 11/13 @ Lucky 13 Saloon (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Beast Modulus & @in the In The Presence Of Wolves
– 11/14 – Tuscan Cafe (Warwick NY) w/ The Nolan Gate, Witch Fist

O+ Live video shoot Sunday!

We are shooting a live video this Sunday for O Positive fest and we want you there!

dead empires live shot

Tim Roof Sessions are sponsoring live video shoot for bands behind BSP Saturday and Sunday- and we have been invited to do one Sunday at 4pm sharp! So friends- This is a call! Your faces. Your voices. Go nuts. We need em. Meet us behind BSP and let’s make this video the raddest one they’ve ever done.

more info on our facebook event or at opositivefestival.com.

O Positive festival tonight!

o positive fest logo

TONIGHT! We are a part of O+ FESTIVAL in Kingston NY. We’re playing The Anchor (at midnight) alongside Motor Tom, Blue Museum, and GET OUT., but there’s about a million other bands, artists, and performers (including our space metal madness brothers It’s Not Night: It’s Space at 9pm at BSP Kingston!)- so come hang out and support something good.

The O+ Festival is a three-day, community-run celebration of music and the arts. O+ participating artists exchange their contributions for health care services from art-loving doctors, dentists, and other wellness providers at the O+ Clinic. In short, it’s a grassroots, band-aid solution to inaccessible healthcare for the creative community. By programming the festival’s art and music events in various, venues (bars, restaurants, storefronts, even offices) throughout one neighborhood, O+ supports and unites local businesses and residents, artists, musicians and doctors, strengthening the fabric of a community to make it stronger, more sustainable, and more vibrant. If you don’t believe us, check out our O+ kick-off parade pictures.


Giblets of fire!

Giblets of fire tour poster

We’re getting ready to record with Kurt Ballou for Converse / Converse Rubber Tracks this weekend, but you wanna hear the song we’re doing? Perfect, cuz we just added a bunch of shows. Going to be good to be back on the road with our riffbros Moon Tooth and Valence. Plus Lucky 13 Saloon on Friday the 13th? It’s gonna be nuts. See what we did there?

Giblets of Fire tour: https://www.facebook.com/events/899427273473491/

11/12 – Seaside Tavern, Stamford CT w/ Physics of Demise (CT)(https://www.facebook.com/events/541634765986397/)

11/13 – Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn NY w/ Beast Modulus, In The Presence Of Wolves (PA) (https://www.facebook.com/events/1630645683855275/)

11/14 – Tuscan Cafe, Warwick NY* w/ The Nolan Gate, Witch Fist (PA) (https://www.facebook.com/events/1476502625988731/)

11/15 – TBA, Plattsburgh NY** w/ TBA

(Flyer by revolution dream design!)

See you soon Boston, aka Rubber Tracks and Kurt Ballou


Well, cat’s out of the bag. We are beyond honored to have been selected for Converse Rubber Tracks to record with Kurt Ballou (!!!). Thank you MetalSucks.net! Here’s what Vince Neilstein had to say:

Dead Empires are an instrumental trio, but they’re not the kind of instrumental band that 1) djents, thank goodness, 2) wanks around on their instruments, 3) gets too caught up in what they’re doing to forget to write good songs. DE’s instru-metal is dramatic, cinematic and grandiose, but it’s also gnarly and full of grit and character, eminently headbangable through and through. It’s the kind of music Mastodon (early Mastodon, natch) might’ve made if they’d decided to go the vocal-less route, which is to say that it’s big and burly and full of grade-A riffs; your papa’s prog this is not. Imagine them on a tour with Lazer/Wulf and you’re getting close.

Make sure to follow both ours as well as the Rubber Tracks social media accounts for updates and photos.


Fall shows!


We have a bunch of shows coming up this fall- including a November “Giblets of Fire” weekend with Moon Tooth and Valence. We might even test some new tunes. See you on the road!

9/18 – 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence MA w/ Thaumaturgist, Goblet (RSVP)
9/19 – Quinn’s, Beacon NY w/ Oscar Hansson (Hungary) and Matt Luczak (RSVP)
10/9 – O+ Festival, TBA, Kingston NY Details coming shortly! (RSVP)
11/12 – Seaside Tavern, Stamford CT w/ Valence, Moon Tooth, Physics of Demise (RSVP)
11/13 – Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn NY w/ Valence, Moon Tooth, Beast Modulus, In The Presence of Wolves
11/14 – Tuscan Cafe, Warwick NY w/ Valence, The Nolan Gate
11/15 – TBA, Plattsburgh NY w/ TBA


Independence Day Weekend (NY > PA > VA) and more summer shows!

We have a bunch of summer shows still on deck- including another mini-tour coming up this weekend, where we head down south to PA and VA for some good old fashioned ‘merican celebrating. We also have a bunch of dates in the works for August that we will be announcing shortly!

7/2 – BSP, Kingston NY w/ Witch Fist, Dead Waves (RSVP)
7/3 – Slacka Barrel, Philly, PA w/ Witch Fist, Uncle Father Oscar, Astroseer, Prosper Or Perish (RSVP)
7/4 – House Party, Harrisonburg, VA w/ Eviscera (RSVP)

7/10 – The Dopeness, Jersey City, NJ w/ Gyre, Bangladeafy, Body Farm Robbery (RSVP)


newburgh illuminated and dead mover weekend!

Next weekend we are going to be part of the Newburgh Illuminated festival, a free outdoor festival taking place in downtown Newburgh, NY. We are playing Stage 3 at 10:30PM, immediately after Gyre. Did we mention its free and outdoors? After that, we hit the road for a few dates with Slow Mover, a tour that we’ve been trying to do for a while now and includes our first show in the ‪#‎Boston‬ area! Let’s get rad.

dead mover weekend tour with slow mover flyer

6/26- Lucky 13 Saloon Brooklyn NY (https://www.facebook.com/events/1452929551669945/)
6/27- Tuscan Cafe Warwick NY w/ Gyre, Bangladeafy(https://www.facebook.com/events/841085742611112/)
6/28- O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA w/ Hero(n), Hepatagua(https://www.facebook.com/events/378315215707258/)



new live video from backroom studios in NJ!

We got a rad live video of our set from the showcase we were a part of at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. Thank you to the awesome John F Cole III for providing the video! Look at his youtube page more set videos from that night, including our mutant bros Moon Tooth.

June is Fest Month

Get ready to sweat. June is apparently fest month for Dead Empires. We will be playing two different fests- “Stoned To Death Fest” metal fest June 6th in Holyoke MA, and The “Newburgh Illuminated Festival“, a free outdoor festival headlined by Corey Glover of Living Color on June 20th in Newburgh, NY.


We have a few more non-fest dates that we will be announcing shortly for June and July as well.