Independence Day Weekend (NY > PA > VA) and more summer shows!

We have a bunch of summer shows still on deck- including another mini-tour coming up this weekend, where we head down south to PA and VA for some good old fashioned ‘merican celebrating. We also have a bunch of dates in the works for August that we will be announcing shortly!

7/2 – BSP, Kingston NY w/ Witch Fist, Dead Waves (RSVP)
7/3 – Slacka Barrel, Philly, PA w/ Witch Fist, Uncle Father Oscar, Astroseer, Prosper Or Perish (RSVP)
7/4 – House Party, Harrisonburg, VA w/ Eviscera (RSVP)

7/10 – The Dopeness, Jersey City, NJ w/ Gyre, Bangladeafy, Body Farm Robbery (RSVP)


newburgh illuminated and dead mover weekend!

Next weekend we are going to be part of the Newburgh Illuminated festival, a free outdoor festival taking place in downtown Newburgh, NY. We are playing Stage 3 at 10:30PM, immediately after Gyre. Did we mention its free and outdoors? After that, we hit the road for a few dates with Slow Mover, a tour that we’ve been trying to do for a while now and includes our first show in the ‪#‎Boston‬ area! Let’s get rad.

dead mover weekend tour with slow mover flyer

6/26- Lucky 13 Saloon Brooklyn NY (
6/27- Tuscan Cafe Warwick NY w/ Gyre, Bangladeafy(
6/28- O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA w/ Hero(n), Hepatagua(



new live video from backroom studios in NJ!

We got a rad live video of our set from the showcase we were a part of at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. Thank you to the awesome John F Cole III for providing the video! Look at his youtube page more set videos from that night, including our mutant bros Moon Tooth.

June is Fest Month

Get ready to sweat. June is apparently fest month for Dead Empires. We will be playing two different fests- “Stoned To Death Fest” metal fest June 6th in Holyoke MA, and The “Newburgh Illuminated Festival“, a free outdoor festival headlined by Corey Glover of Living Color on June 20th in Newburgh, NY.


We have a few more non-fest dates that we will be announcing shortly for June and July as well.

WAITING IN WAVES officially sold out!

This is Gino. He bought the last copy we had of WAITING IN WAVES on vinyl a few days ago.


So it’s official- the first pressing of our first full-length album, pressed on random-colored 12″ vinyl, is officially sold out and out of print! This is a huge milestone for us and we’re just going to take a quick moment to let that sink in… and say thanks to everyone who bought a copy! If you want one, you can still find a few at select independent music retailers (like Darkside Records in Poughkeepsie, NY) across the east coast. And if there was a time to artificially inflate prices on ebay, this is probably your best shot until one of us dies in a tragic viagra overdose. My money’s on Phil.

Jonesing for some Dead Empires physical media? We still have copies of the first pressing of our new album “Secret Snakes Silent Serpent” on CD available in our online store! Get one before we’re big bloated rock stars!

Hey, thanks for helping a band accomplish bucket list goals. Here’s to many more bigger ones together.

Live at PSTV video now up!

We recently were invited up to Plattsburgh and filmed some new tunes for the Plattsburgh State Television’s “Studio B” TV show. Here’s the performance and an interview in sweet, multi-angle HD youtube glory- shared by the great folks at It Djents. Fuck yes.

Read the full article at It Djents.

Back in the van: Spring shows!

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Weather is warming up and we missed your faces: it’s time for us to get back in the van. We have a bunch of shows coming up and we’re bringing the Lt. Van and the riff warship to your town. Free face melting include with purchase of ticket.


We have a bunch more shows in the pipeline- including participating in this years Stoned To Death Fest and Newburgh Illuminated Festival that we’ll be announcing shortly.

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Decibel Magazine review of Secret Snakes/Silent Serpent!

Spoiler alert: it got 8/10 and is a “fantastic listening experience”.

Dead Empires review in Decibel Magazine May 2015 Issue

Decibel Magazine reviewed our new album “Secret Snakes/Silent Serpent” in “New Noise: Record Reviews” section of their May issue, out now! Kevin Stuart Panko (who reviewed our last album Waiting In Waves for Decibel in 2012) was kind enough to give a little in-depth analysis of our album and style.

Decibel Magazine May 2015 review of Dead Empire Secret Snakes Silent Serpent8/10. Their previous full-length, Waiting In Waves did an excellent job of marrying expressive passages with razor-thin subjenre nabs, and three years on, that marriage is still standing strong. There’s a tagline for ya: Dead Empires, beating North America’s divorce rate one riff at a time. For that, we salute them by breaking a glass and chewing on a garter.

What’s most encouraging is that none of what contributed to the first record’s allure has been lost… attractive sounds, filles and melodies, and writing articulate songs with filmic qualities.”

Thank you! To read the whole thing, go get a copy of the new issue online, via their app, or at your favorite retailer while they are available.

TV dudes, More reviews and upcoming shows (pronounced “shoes”)

Our album is now streaming on Spotify, for those of you not into physical format media. Stream it now! I mean if you wanted to stream it on repeat while you’re not home we wouldn’t be against that either.

We spent last weekend up in Plattsburgh, NY at PSTV recording something special that we are excited to share with you all. In the meantime, we thank you all for your support on the new record! Positive reviews keep rolling in… including this in Japanese (translated by Google Translate):

“Threesome progressive rock band from New York United States, the latest installment of Dead Empires. Content roughening down the heavier guitar phrase earth in Stoner Rock natural and it was smoky, is a complex is a strange while thrilling free key Instrumental Rock, involving also the consciousness of hand listen to Groove by band ensemble implosion the destructive power of the outstanding sound pressure to continue to, it will be overwhelmed from beginning to end.

Dizzying along with the transition of deployment, to the sound that continues to transform the appearance there is deep that may of the bottom, you have the spiritual power to feel and even mysterious. Also tenderness also ruthless of the people, light also darkness also soundscape that was created in the Naimaze is intended to feel strongly consistent Art of yet chaos, catchy as if to welcome that you surrender to chaos and even some, it is equipped with a high universality as one of rock album in.

 70’s this work that the Hard Rock progressive rock was sublimated in contemporary along with the best of heaviness, I think whether not be accepted in many Hard Rock Heavy Metal listener along with the high evaluation. Towards bands like tail is like Mastodon and Baroness It is a work that can be strongly recommended.” 

And then we got this one from The SideShow Podcast:

…the album flows magnificently between it’s six tracks. Dead Empires finds that perfect sweet spot that I feel like we’ve only really talked about in the likes of Russian Circles before… it is sludgy, heavy, and beautiful.

Or you can just listen for yourself here:

Thanks fellas. We’ve also got a few NY/MA shows coming up including one that we’re personally really stoked for alongside one of our favorite bands, Lazer/Wulf, and a bunch more that we’ll be announcing soon. Here’s what our schedule looks like currently, and we’ll be adding more dates as the weeks progress…

See you there!

“Secret Snakes/Silent Serpent” Out NOW!

Sorry for the lack of updates- we’ve been having some site issues which we are resolving.

Dead Empires Secret Snakes Silent Serpent CD

Our new album is OUT NOW!

The Limited Edition CD (first pressing of 300) which includes a hand-numbered, full-color gatefold digipak jacket (hand-numbered), CD, 1 of 6 metallic/hologram “tarot card” color inserts (50 ea.,hand-numbered), credits insert, sticker, and full-color poster.

We’re really proud of it. But don’t take our word for it, we’ve already got a bunch of reviews- here’s what the internet has to say about it!

“10/10- an achievement in creative songwriting and execution, an exercise in balanced, yet unrestrained musicianship. As part of the five year history of Dead Empires, it is something else entirely. It is tangible growth, in leaps and bounds. And while that may seem like stating the obvious, it was less than three years ago that their new release at the time seemed like the best piece they had ever done, and may ever do. And now it’s been replaced, with no hesitation, by an album that is better in every conceivable way. They’ve moved beyond the boundaries they had carved out with the last album, and into a wide open space.” -Sorrow Eternal Blog

“8/10- Much in the way a mosaic is constructed, combining fragments of vastly different materials and colors to form a thought-provoking final product, Dead Empires take a range of musical styles that when viewed closely seem vastly different, but when taken as a whole compose a breathtaking, organic experience. 100% Gluten Free – Guaranteed. I’m not sure about Kosher though.” -Target Audience Magazine/Better B# Blog

“8/10- Dead Empires is not an instrumental band. Of course, you’re free to call them that, but they choose not to label themselves as such. In their words, they say it allows them create music that is organic, natural and passionate. This mindset has led to an album that fuses many styles of music into one sweeping collection of songs. …I went into this album not expecting anything, and was pleasantly surprised by how cohesive the multiple sounds are.” -It Djents Blog

“Imagine how incredible it would be if a band combined the aggression of Converge with the heaviness and melody of Torche, well Dead Empires have done just that and the results are absolutely stunning.” -United By Rocket Science Blog

“…hard as nails sludge metal with a cool lo-fi retro sound and tons of energy.” -Prog Metal Zone

You can a copy of the CD via our online store or at Darkside Records and Gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY while supplies last. You can get the album digitally on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, cdbaby, or whatever digital provider you use.