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More video from Saint Vitus!

Here’s some HD, multi-cam footage of another new jammer from the 10th Anniversary Bash at Saint Vitus Bar. Thanks to Max Volume Silence Live for this clip (See all clips here). It of course features our Jason, our new vocalist/synth/noise (and all around great) guy. Watch below!

Want more? You can watch the full set here:

Live at Lucky 13 video bootleg from Washed Up Media now up!

Here’s a little #tbt courtesy of Washed Up MediaShot this last year at Lucky 13 Saloon, here’s a live bootleg of our song “Five Day Death”. Enjoy!

Live at PSTV video now up!

We recently were invited up to Plattsburgh and filmed some new tunes for the Plattsburgh State Television’s “Studio B” TV show. Here’s the performance and an interview in sweet, multi-angle HD youtube glory- shared by the great folks at It Djents. Fuck yes.

Read the full article at It Djents.