Dead Empires review in Decibel Magazine May 2015 Issue

“Quite honestly, with each release from these New York gentlemen, it becomes harder and harder to believe that there’s a genre of music these guys can’t touch and reinvent. Although primarily an instrumental sludge-borne heavyweight, Dead Empires stretch from psychedelic elements, crushing sludge tides, intoxicating ambience, steamrolling punk paces… even reggae gets a brief see-in. But it all equates to a thrilling powerhouse performance from one of the most supremely talented but criminally underrated groups around playing heavy, weirdly wonderful progressive music. The title split only serves to solidify the perfect balance of both beauty and beast found here.”

“8/10. Their previous full-length, Waiting In Waves did an excellent job of marrying expressive passages with razor-thin subjenre nabs, and three years on, that marriage is still standing strong. There’s a tagline for ya: Dead Empires, beating North America’s divorce rate one riff at a time. For that, we salute them by breaking a glass and chewing on a garter… What’s most encouraging is that none of what contributed to the first record’s allure has been lost… attractive sounds, filles and melodies, and writing articulate songs with filmic qualities.”-Kevin Stuart Panko, Decibel Magazine (May 2015 Issue)

“10/10- an achievement in creative songwriting and execution, an exercise in balanced, yet unrestrained musicianship. As part of the five year history of Dead Empires, it is something else entirely. It is tangible growth, in leaps and bounds. And while that may seem like stating the obvious, it was less than three years ago that their new release at the time seemed like the best piece they had ever done, and may ever do. And now it’s been replaced, with no hesitation, by an album that is better in every conceivable way. They’ve moved beyond the boundaries they had carved out with the last album, and into a wide open space.” -Sorrow Eternal Blog

“8/10- Much in the way a mosaic is constructed, combining fragments of vastly different materials and colors to form a thought-provoking final product, Dead Empires take a range of musical styles that when viewed closely seem vastly different, but when taken as a whole compose a breathtaking, organic experience. 100% Gluten Free – Guaranteed. I’m not sure about Kosher though.” -Better B# Blog

“8/10- Dead Empires is not an instrumental band. Of course, you’re free to call them that, but they choose not to label themselves as such. In their words, they say it allows them create music that is organic, natural and passionate. This mindset has led to an album that fuses many styles of music into one sweeping collection of songs. …I went into this album not expecting anything, and was pleasantly surprised by how cohesive the multiple sounds are.” -It Djents Blog

“Imagine how incredible it would be if a band combined the aggression of Converge with the heaviness and melody of Torche, well Dead Empires have done just that and the results are absolutely stunning.” -United By Rocket Science Blog

“…the album flows magnificently between it’s six tracks. Dead Empires finds that perfect sweet spot that I feel like we’ve only really talked about in the likes of Russian Circles before… it is sludgy, heavy, and beautiful.” -The Sideshow Podcast

“…hard as nails sludge metal with a cool lo-fi retro sound and tons of energy.” -Prog Metal Zone

“I think they have officially trademarked the term power trio because no one else even comes close to them. …They write in a very unique way where within the confines of the songs, they giveyou the freedom to eplore what they’re presented to you, which is pretty fucking cool. … BUY THIS FUCKING RECORD and go see them live.” -Outsider Magazine (Spring/Summer 2015 Issue)


decibel reviewSome reviews of WAITING IN WAVES:

“8/10! Memorable, entertaining, intricate and compelling…get your head out of whatever you’re rotting by and check out this band!”
-Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine (Issue 97, Nov 2012)

“4/5! If you haven’t given this hard-hitting ensemble a chance yet, your time would be well spent getting acquainted with them. …Dead Empires is an instrumental endeavor, fluctuating between sledgehammer riffs and moments of light repose. One minute, an energetic groove grabs you by the collar, banging your head back and forth vigorously, and the next you’re smoothly reclined into a comfortable jazzy interlude. …Waiting In Waves is a fantastic first full length by a band who is striving to earn an audience.”
-Barry Adkins, Better B# Music Blog (

“4/5! Waiting in Waves shows a confidence in song-writing that makes it seem like the band perfected their sound two or three albums ago, with a creativity that indicates they’ll be keeping it up for many more.”

“Waiting in Waves revolves around an axis of rhythmic excellence; the drums and bass mesmerize as they cheerfully beat you to the ground. The multifarious influences at play in the guitar work are well synthesized; the album has a pleasingly uniform and complete vision. When the cards are on the table, riffs always win, and that’s where Dead Empires shine. …Please pour me another.” -Atanamar Sunyata,

“A+! I’ve stated before that I tend to appreciate genre-fuck bands, and there’s so much fucking going on here between the genres that I think a Dothraki orgy might even pale in comparison. …this is one of the best albums of its kind I’ve ever heard, and I have absolutely no idea why Sargent House hasn’t snapped these gents up yet.” –

“Instead clinical Painting by Numbers operate DEAD EMPIRES organic sounding mathematics and give the studio hochgezüchtetem Stop and Go, a rejection.” -Andreas Schiffmann, (via Google Translate)


Some reviews of MONUMENTS:

“5/5! The skill here makes each track seem layered, genuine and intense. Each song is simple and complex in its own right… The style that Dead empires delivers is so intense you can’t help being sucked in… It’s a great release and its weighted and genuine. I see big things coming for these three dudes from Poughkeepsie NY. So remember the name Dead Empires.”
-Collin Trabacco,

“8/10! It is pure heavy music devoid of any cliche’s usually associated with post-rock, sludge-metal, doom-metal acts. The dexterity the musicians in the band display over the course of the 4 tracks is exciting without being too complex or pompous. There is also a strong emphasis on great songwriting and memorable musical passages that gets stuck in your head instantly. This is a great demo from a band that for once doesn’t really have the usual trademarks of any genre except it kicks ass.”

“It isn’t easy to make music this pulverizing that still sounds unique, that doesn’t smother its tone in one crusty monolithic texture, yet this new band from upstate New York figures it out on their first try.”

“Monuments is a solid, up-tempo slab of progressive, sludgy instrumental post-metal, guaranteed to kick you in the face. …their video for “hello” to oblivion should hopefully convince you that this is worth your time.”

“It sounds like a fan of sludge metal got together with a fan of thrash metal, added a prog metal dude, and then, with no one dominating their influences, combined powers equally like some awesome metal version of Captain Planet. …really heavy and genuinely intense.”

“a heavy, familiar, but strangely unique band of instrumental metal. (Warning: May contain toxic soundgasms, keep away from children!) …The combined assault of the guitar and bass with absolutely angry drum parts makes for a psychedelic sonic spectacle of vicious riff-based music. If you dig any sort of instrumental metal or post rock, I suggest you keep these guys on your radar.”
– Misha, The Burn Space Blog

“New York’s Dead Empires bridge the gap between hardcore riffery and moments of thoughtful repose. The trio’s debut, Monuments, is an ambitious four-song EP. With rapid-fire riffs and exquisitely buzzing bass lines… the group go to great lengths to provide a set of instrumentals which won’t disappoint.”
-Barry Adkins

“Monuments is intriguing. The band manages to pack quite an array of metal into the four songs and twenty minutes: one can hear sludge metal, bits of progressive metal, and bursts of thrash metal. The EP is certainly going to get attention from a diverse group of music fans, especially because Dead Empires executes each style well without being gimmicky or inaccessible—and without the help of a vocalist.”

“Whoa, die sind richtig gut und gehen ordentlich zur Sache. Die 4-Track-Demo-EP gibts kostenlos über Bandcamp oder Soundcloud. Bin gespannt, was wir zukünftig noch von diesem Trio hören werden. Und hier noch ein Video zum Ohrenschlackern.” (translated to english: “Whoa, that are really good and great show to go. The 4-track demo EP get updated very often free of charge through Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Let’s see what we will hear more in the future of this trio. And here’s a video of the flapping ears.”)
MusikRebell Blog 


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