New Song “Five Day Death” Available Now on METALSUCKS.NET!

It’s here! “NYC Sucks” Compilation- featuring the brand-new, exclusive Dead Empires song “Five Day Death” (Not to mention tunes by the best NY metal bands)! The song was produced and recorded by the incomprable Rick Birmingham at Tin Roof Sessions Studios in New Paltz!

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Here’s what they had to say: “Dead Empires sound like what Cloudkicker could’ve been in an alternate universe in which Ben Sharp was influenced by doomy, stoney High on Fire riffs instead of atmospheric post rock and Meshuggah… with a few extra bong rips thrown in for good measure. The Hudson Valley, NY instrumental three-piece brings it hard on their latest offering Waiting in Waves, and this new, previously unreleased track offers a taste of what’s in store on their soon-to-be-released next effort.”

Download it here–>

This edition of the compilation also features seven — count ‘em, SEVEN — previously unreleased tracks that are now available to the world for the very first time. The compilation boasts thirteen songs by some of our favorite metal bands from the NYC area, running the gamut of genres from death to tech to prog to grind to black to hardcore to doom and more. We truly feel that this is a great sampling of all that New York’s thriving metal scene has to offer, and we’re beyond proud to be sharing it with you — absolutely, 100% free of charge. why are you still reading this? Go get it!

Download it here–>

(Don’t forget to download Volume 1Volume 2 and Volume 3 if you haven’t yet.)

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